Marathon pb 

Well that was a surprise, I managed a 4.18 marathon today. The run was in fact over 27 miles but I went against the ethos of a running race, stopped my watch at 26.2 miles and had no inclination to run a step further so walked to the finish! Saying that, most people I talked to on the route were completing their 3rd marathon in as many days so I’m pretty much a fraud anyway for only doing one.

All in all I had a good time. The wind was ridiculous at times but although there were 3 miles on each loop when it felt like you were trying to run through a brick wall, the other 3 miles felt like you were running downhill as the wind picked you up and threw you forward. 

I chatted to some pretty inspirational people and saw some heroic efforts- I spent about 6 miles  running with a guy who, at the age of 20, was trying to break the record for the youngest person to get to 100 marathons. He’s done over 40 already and has another 40 booked in including 10 marathons over 10 days. Bonkers. 

Love running these events, every person you pass gives a nod, a smile, a thumbs up or some words of encouragement- it really cements the feeling of community. 

Checkpoint was great and I sampled some excellent cheese and bacon pastries, Jaffa cakes, jelly beans and did succumb to a gel(boo). 

The goody bag was incredible. The medal is bigger than my hand and I also got a giant aero, munchies, crisps, can of lager and about 3 or 4 other chocolate bars-yum.

Great race. Great people. Great fun.

Progress on the bike

I’ve just got back from the Addiscombe club ride. It’s my third time out with them and today I decided to try riding with the next group up. I felt really comfortable riding although I’m still not very confident with stopping and starting at lights etc and my saddle really needs to go up but I’m too nervous to do that too!

The boys are at their grandparents this weekend and so Mark came out riding with me. We led the group for maybe 8-10 miles or so and I felt super strong. We came back the direct route instead of Box Hill but still managed 47 miles @ 15.3 mph average which is my fastest yet. Very happy but my legs are pretty achy…it’s ok though, not like I have to run a marathon or anything tomorrow!!

On the note of the race tomorrow, the final email was sent out this week with some top tips for running on the promenade…

•  Don’t be in the water, on the beach, on a road or in mud.

•  Don’t forget to turn around at each end, it’s wet if you keep running!


Oops, I accidentally entered another…

…marathon.Well, it’s how many 6.55mile laps you can run in a time limit of 6 hours. It’s in 5 days time.

I should have been doing Brighton Half on February 28th which would have been an excellent progression towards Brighton Marathon in April but I got a little reckless and thought I would do something else instead!

I’m not really sure why I enter events that are beyond my comfort and ability but it makes me happy…that moment when you send an email enquiry, when the race organiser emails back and says he can squeeze you into a race, the realisation that you have to run a marathon on Sunday when the furthest non-stop run I’ve done for over a year is 8 miles. It makes my heart beat fast and I get slightly hysterical in my giggling…through nervousness and perhaps because I’ve rebelled against ‘normal’ training- tee hee!

The Relativity Run(to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the general theory of relativity, of course) is organised by Saxons, Viking and Normans Marathons ( ). I’ve done one of their races before and the highlight of the run is the goody bag…I got a medal the size of my hand and a giant Toblerone along with a bottle of cider and some other goodies.
The events are very low key, which I enjoy and they attract low key runners. The course description sort of sums up the attitude of race day…

‘…on a clear day you can see an awful lot of quite dull sea, on a dull day, you’ll see some murky sea. The car park though is on the route so you can use the car as a drop bag, maybe have something there you can look forwards to.’

‘On the plus side if you like the views of the sea and a low cliff you’ll be in your element as the course is 80% like that, there is a wind farm to look at, but its a long way out to sea. Even that’s not very interesting after the first 30 seconds, and if its murky, well, you can’t even see that.’

I’ll let you know how it goes!!

On the note of other training, I managed to complete 2 longer cycle rides this week, bringing my weekly total to 135 miles and my total run mileage was 20 miles. It’s building!

First ironman training day…

Today I managed to cycle and run- I don’t think I’ve ever done that!
I plucked up the courage to go out with the Addiscombe Cycling club this morning.  It’s a club that Mark has been a member of for over 20 years (he picked it as a kid because ‘A’ came first in the listings for local cycling clubs and he was too lazy to look any further!).
They have a huge membership and club runs can attract over 100 riders. Riders are split into groups based on their average speed. It ranges from the 15mph group through 16mph,17 mph,18mph,19mph,20mph and the training group (really bloody fast). I went with the 15mph group and instantly felt comfortable riding with a group; its nice riding side by side and chatting, it kind of makes you forget how far you’re riding. We did about 33miles with a cafe stop and I felt good even though it was pretty cold and wet. Addiscombe meet at Coulsdon South station and so with the journey there and back I managed to rack up 43 miles-my biggest ride yet.

We did a few bits with the kids and it was then time for me to go out for a run. I had down to do an hour. I emailed Mark the other day in a bit of a panic as I have got some goals to reach for my cycling but nothing for my running other than Brighton and Reading Half and Brighton Marathon. He has set me 4 runs per week- much more than I have ever done but some are very short so it should be manageable. They are as follows:

1 x long run(marathon pace)-1 hrs this week then increase 15 mins per week.
1 x tempo run(10km pace)- 20 mins this week then increase by 5 mins per week.
1 x uphill session- This week 4 reps of Waller then increase by 1 rep per week.
1 x downhill session(slight gradient 400-600m ish)- This week 4 reps of Dome Hill then increase by 1 rep per week.

Off I went for my run. My legs felt ok, I felt ok and yet my Garmin seemed to be telling me that I was going very very slowly! At one point I was running on the flat with the wind behind me, channeling Paula Radcliffe and yet my watch was showing that I had got no faster, in fact I was going slower and I literally had no more gears!
I think the cycling probably had had an impact on my speed but as I staggered though the 6th,and final, slow mile I realised all I had eaten all day was a rice krispie bar, a scone, a banana and a chocolate doughnut…this healthy and balanced diet may also have had something to do with my lack of forward propulsion…bring on the steak dinner!

Anyway today I ran(ish) 6 miles and cycled 43 miles and tomorrow I hope to cycle 40ish miles again-it should be a good training weekend!